Native Advertising

Mimicry in advertising

When advertising looks like advertising, it doesn't work anymore. Potential customers simply ignore them. This happens on its own: because the concentration reacts and focuses on other stimuli, namely the one that is expected from the desired information. Advertising, on the other hand, which had to stand out from its environment for a long time, is no longer noticed. Referring to online advertising, the phenomenon bears the name Banner Blindness: The more banner ads are displayed, the more we ignore them.

What applies online also applies otherwise: the more billboards we encounter in public space, the more advertising pages in magazines we see, the more we ignore the advertising.

A promising way to still place your own advertising for potential buyers, is native advertising: advertising that is not recognized as such at first glance and that is not purely for sale.

With ManyPrint Solutions you generate native advertising for the right environment.

Native Advertising is becoming increasingly popular. It attracts with content, relevance, entertainment and / or added value — depending on the addressee — and scores with the possibilities of storytelling.

For Native Ads, designing your advertising in the style and mood of the environment is the be-all and end-all: focus on text or image, color, typography? The ad must perfectly imitate its environment so as not to be noticed or barely noticed. The advertising filter, whose sensitivity we have subconsciously trained with every effect advertising seen, should be outwitted so. Often, the ad offers an editorial, mostly entertaining, fast-to-capture, content that houses the ad. ManyPrint Solutions makes native advertising for your magazines so easy: without having to actively take care of it, your advertising adapts to the design of your environment.

  • Presentation of ads in the form of editorial articles with product recommendations: Editorial articles offer plenty of room for storytelling. Have not you recently, after you this article on small breaks from everyday life, which took up the topic of forest bathing, forest mood and images generated, a desire for forest smell, moss and pine needles under your feet evoked in your home, directly at home an ethereal Stone pine oil and a CD with forest bird voices purchased. Or — for the larger break — booked a weekend in the Bavarian Forest?

  • Product information on packaging: Admit it. You too have already scanned the QR codes on packaging that, in addition to the recipe printed on the package, promised further suggestions or insights into the company. Why not if the advertiser delivers value with its content. How has your relationship with your product, the brand, the company changed? Have you been buying it regularly since?

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