Unique versions instead of duplication — The personalization of printed matter

So far unused possibilities in printing ...

Printing is still mostly understood only as a possibility of duplication. In the process, digital printing has long since opened up the possibility for one-of-a-kind products, as unlike offset printing, letterpress printing or gravure printing, it can produce every single printed copy completely individually.

... and in further processing

In the field of finishing, there are now digital processes to realize personalized coatings, embossing and other finishes. Thus, for some time already, individual, very high-quality printed products can be produced in theory. However, since there was a lack of viable software, the technical possibilities are not yet exhausted.

Photo of a printing press

No problems with 50,000 individual documents

With ManyPrint Solutions you can push customization to extremes. But where to go with thousands of printable PDFs that may even differ in page size and page count?

Don't worry: you can be sure the printable PDFs are of course automatically generated according to the standards of the printing industry.

And thanks to modern APIs, ManyPrint Solutions is able to automatically transfer the print data to a service provider of your choice and integrate it into their production workflow. Important parameters for production, such as the colourfulness, the page format, the number of pages, finishing and shipping information are also automatically transferred.

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