With the possibilities of digitization, we create added value to your print products.

Haptics, value and reading experience meet targeted design, fast availability, selected content and artificial intelligence. Digital printing, digital postpress and digital finishing already enable the production of high-quality printed matter in a copy of 1. We supply the software that generates the individualized layout documents together with the print-ready PDF.

Never before could a print product — automated — be 100% individualized. Targeting and microtargeting in printing products, product placement and native advertising with one click, selected content — with ManyPrint Solutions you can generate individualized documents according to your requirements. The basis for the individual results are data sets, templates, interfaces as well as machine learning.

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One software, endless possibilities.

Let ManyPrint Solutions create your layouts and print data.

Micro Targeting

Forget about print advertising and mailings without targeting!

Sent a brochure about a new collection with thousands of copies and received little feedback? No wonder if the targeting is missing.

Easy to do online, but unfortunately not in print, you say? No challenge in the future, we say.

Product Placement

Place your products in recipes and instructions!

Doing things by yourself is on everyone's lips. Whether cooking, DIY or gardening: show — for example, at trade fairs or on promotional stands — which possibilities your products offer and give them to your customers in the form of individualized recipes or instructions as a recommendation to the hand.

Native Advertising

Seamless insertion of advertising content

Fully automatically integrate advertising content into existing corporate designs. Without manual work and regardless of the nature and the quality of your printed matter.


Offer your customers personalized books and publications with selected information!

Publishers have hard times bringing their books to customers. No wonder, as they are often too general for individual requirements because of their orientation for a broad audience.

Personalization of printed matter is nothing new — 100% personalization is!

For personalization, it has been customary to fill wildcards with simple information. For example, the name of the recipient is printed on the envelope of a booklet or a coupon code is added. For us, this is weak personalization of the first hour. With ManyPrint Solutions, the layout documents of printed matter are created from scratch for each individual copy. Each copy can be generated individually. This creates printed matter tailored to the target person.

These functions are offered by our application

  • Changing
    page formats
  • Individual colors
    and fonts
  • Individual number
    of content such as pictures
  • Different
    number of pages
  • Different positioning
    of content such as images and text
  • Different output profiles
  • Fully editable later

Use all the strengths of the digital and the World Wide Web for printed matter

There is more possible! Prior to the generation of individual printed matters, interfaces (APIs, application programming interfaces) can be addressed by which existing data sets can be supplemented.

THAT is Web to Print!

Possible Integrations and APIs

  • Route information from
  • Attractions from
  • Images from
  • Geo information from
  • Weather information from
    OpenWeather Map
  • Calendar information from
  • Location information from
  • QR codes from
  • Map excerpts from
    OpenStreet Map
  • Location information from

AI and machine learning

If the used data shall be structured or supplemented with other information, we work with artificial intelligence and use machine learning.

Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to steadily improve its problem-solving approach by matching any new task information with existing information. The problem solution gets more precise with each showcase.

  • the creation of individual texts on the basis of a few terms,
  • the recognition of correlations by means of the association analysis (the so-called apriori algorithm, with which it can be predicted, for example, which further product, which has not yet been purchased, is of relevance to the customer. Keyword product recommendation),
  • the grouping and structuring of data (eg using a Bayesian classifier, which can be used to obtain target groups from complex data sets according to any criteria), as well as
  • the evaluation and classification of images (eg by means of object recognition).
A QR code as a link between print and digital

Augmented reality and QR codes

Make your print product an interface back to the internet

The use of QR codes or more complex augmented reality content turns your customers' smartphone into a door opener for more content. Print world and digital world merge.

With augmented reality you connect your printed content with digital additions

  • For savings by less printed scope: complete presentation with variations over AR.
  • For more comfort: have your customers place furniture or try on clothes using AR.

With QR codes you link to your own — online available — complementary content.

  • Entice your customers via QR code on your website.
  • Complete your written instructions with a digital video.
  • Complete photos with videos.

How ManyPrint Solutions works in the production of individualized printed matter

One-time preparation

  1. You provide a record of customer information, for example, from your e-commerce system.
  2. We discuss together what type of printed matter should be generated (eg a postcard or a brochure) and how it should be structured in principle.
  3. The layout logic is programmed by us. If desired, the data set is structured or supplemented.


  1. You can update the data set at any time. With one click, you can start generating the printed matter whenever and as often as you want. Also an automatic start of the generation, e.g. depending on specific dates and events, is possible.
  2. ManyPrint Solutions generates layout documents and creates printable PDF.
  3. The data is put into production. If you wish, you can use one of our partner companies for printing and further processing.

Bring the World Wide Web into your print products

Direct ready
for use!

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