Personalization and customization

Smart variants and a focus on the essentials

Records are a great way to structure and combine information. What could be a better precondition for thoughtful and relevant communication that users enjoy? This rarely annoys a little more than wasted time and a poor finding of information.

Books and other publications often contain much more information than needed. No wonder that many readers use their smartphones instead of the bookshelf. Who would not like to be provided with targeted information? The same problem exists in advertising. Or do you like to wallow through a 300-page catalog, if only 5 pages are relevant for you? The best register doesn't help.

At the same time, elaborate variants help with orientation. If a book belongs to the genre of novels or thrillers, is the dowel intended for massive walls or cavities, which department does my counterpart belong to? Make the world a bit easier with us.

Your databases are meant to be bigger

With ManyPrint Solutions you can finally exploit your potential.

ManyPrint Solutions enables automated generation of up to 100% customized layouts and print data from your databases. What that means? With ManyPrint Solutions, you and your customers can now decide for themselves what is written in and on your printed matter and what it looks like. No more and no less.

  • Smart catalogs through Artificial Intelligence and Microtargeting

    Print catalogs offer possibilities that can not be realized in and with digital advertising. Just think about the possibilities offered by various papers, finishes — including fragrances, noctilucent or conductive paints —, further processing or the addition of product samples and samples. In times of digital printing, digital postpress and digital finishing, these catalogs can now also be produced individually. Only the design was tedious manual work and therefore not on the agenda. Imagine, however, that you define five design options for different target groups, and smart software fills them with personalized content that they have assigned to the potential customer using algorithms. Each of your customers gets a handy and tailor-made catalog with actual relevant products and you save not only time, but also paper and printing ink and thus costs.

  • Books and publications with relevant content

    Travel guides are outdated faster than they are printed, in cookbooks is due to increasing allergies and intolerances or individual taste often only a small part of the recipes relevant in a determination book are listed birds of Europe, while many hobby ornithologists want to know just what on their doorstep flies and in guides fit only 20 out of 300 pages on their own situation.

    The effort to write an individual book for each customer is not worth it? Right. Each time to select individual content or even rewrite not, personalized generate from selected content already.

    So forget cookbooks where your customers only taste three recipes! Forget about travel guides that take guests to obsolete and irrelevant destinations! Think your books new!

    Offer your clients personalized books and publications with selected information.

  • Business cards according to corporate design and yet individual

    What works on a large scale works on a small scale as well: Where business cards could previously be provided with individual names and data by batch processing, different variants of business cards can now be generated within a company using data sets and various layout templates. For example, you can quickly generate color variants for different departments of your company or automatically give business cards to you in further processing, for example, from embossing or stamping your logo to finishing with paints or foils. Information transfer by the way — at a glance. Manage basic corporate design information, such as color, globally so that all business cards are always in sync.

  • Your assortment at the touch of a button

    Give-aways — for example at fairs — also offer a buying incentive at home. Give your customers their products along the way. Whether you want to generate unilateral product data sheets for a screw assortment from your database or multi-page samples of your complete publishing program with the associated original cover design, whether an automatically integrated QR code leads your customers to a video tutorial or into your online shop is irrelevant to us. Whether you want to reproduce the entire product range or just a subset — only the new releases from the respective year, only the books of authors under 25 years or only for a specific occasion suitable products — you decide with each creation.

Offer your customers added value with personalization and customization.

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