Hello Print 4.0, hello Publishing 4.0

ManyPrint Solutions is the application that brings publishing into the 21st century.

Finally, print layouts can be 100% customized, 100% automated, and processed. Finally, the possibilities of digital printing, digital postpress and finishing can be fully exploited.

There are already personalizations, you say? Believe us: this is new.

With ManyPrint Solutions, error-prone single-handedness is a thing of the past: with our cloud solution, we provide a service and automated workflow that seamlessly integrates with all databases and digital systems.

We combine Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence for your printed matter.

What are we talking about? Reasons for individualized printed matter are manifold!

A personal approach in your printed matter shows your loyalty to partners and customers. A suitable design generates appropriate emotions. A targeted selection of your content instead of a flood of information will be appreciated by your counterpart. Individual additions tailored to the recipient and the content delight the addressee.

From input to finished product.

This is how your data and our software create the most individualized printed matter.


Combine, generate, use.

Learn more about how our application generates layout documents and finished print data from your input and what options are available to you.


One creation, many products.

Formats, texts, illustrations, fine-tuning — it has never been easier to redefine each parameter in each version of a creation. Your products address each addressee individually.

Print production

Unique copies instead of duplication.

Digital printing as well as digital postpress and finishing have long since created technical possibilities that are far from exhausted.


Usage- and consumption-based.

Individual printed matter, individual prices: Our pricing model is based on your requirements and your degree of utilization.