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Underutilized subscriptions and non-transparent costs cannot be dealt with with us! We want to make it easy for our customers to get started with ManyPrint Solutions. That's why free registration is part of our policy, as is the greatest possible flexibility and usage-based billing instead of a subscription. To ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, even without a subscription, we communicate paid applications and the costs incurred transparently directly in the system at all times.

For us, usage-based billing is not least a matter of sustainability. Why? Anyone who has a flat rate for generating data thanks to a subscription no longer pays attention to individual consumption. However, digital storage space and cloud applications require a lot of power. That's why we only retain data for 30 days by default. We then release the digital storage space again. Longer storage times are possible, but generate additional costs. A portion of these costs flows into projects to expand electricity generation from renewable sources.

For some companies, a subscription solution is still more convenient. We would be happy to find an individual solution for this.

  1. Preparations and individual configuration

    A few different preparations are necessary to create the framework of any application. Based on this, any number of generations can be created later — so these are one-off costs.

    Process Description



    Where APIs need to be contacted, we use existing open source solutions or, if necessary, program our own interfaces.

    Generation Logic

    When programming the generation logic, the criteria according to which the application should later create layouts are determined. If data is to be processed, this is also programmed in the generation logic.

    Corporate Design

    An existing corporate design is converted into a configuration and programmed so that it can later be displayed in any application and any layout. This refers to colors, fonts, typography, harmonies, contrasts and much more.

    Custom Configuration


    Creating the configuration to control the generation. This applies, for example, to the type area or the individual positioning of elements.

  2. Creation

    The following costs apply per generation, i.e. per layout generation:

    Process Description

    Generation of the layout

    Pages are generated and filled with content. Multi-page documents are merged.

    We charge between 0.10 euros for individualization and 120 euros without individualization per version. The price depends on the complexity and the necessary generation time.

    Final artwork / post-processing


    Normally, the generated layouts from ManyPrint Solutions do not require any final artwork. Where the design is so complex that manual intervention makes sense, we can do this. These layout interventions are then saved in the configuration file to be carried out by the software on each subsequent generation. Manual work only has to be carried out once and is applied consistently afterwards.

    PDF creation, PDF review and sharing


    Creation and final control over the printability of the PDF. Checking the crop area, after embedding the fonts, the resolution of the images and the color spaces.

  3. Ongoing Costs

    After programming has been completed and from the moment of commissioning, the following project-independent running costs may arise.

    Process Description

    Data management and backup


    Maintain reusable data and backup (up to 1 TB). We charge 30 euros per App per month.

  4. Costs that ManyPrint Solutions do not incur

    You can avoid these costs in the future.

    Process Description

    Training and provision of staff

    In order to use ManyPrint Solutions, no training or extra employees are required. The interface is easy to understand and can be used by all users. Technical expertise or specific skills in the areas of layout, design or printing are not required.


    ManyPrint Solutions is hosted by us in the cloud. You don't need your own server, an internet connection and a browser are enough.


    Of course, you don't have to pay for maintenance and updates — we take care of that ourselves.

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