Use cases

The software of ManyPrint Solutions as a cloud application can be used not only via the login and the user interface, but can also be integrated into your applications. Here we show you how our software is or can be used.

Hin&Weg combines different papers and page formats
In Hin&Weg mirrors, stickers and postcards were incorporated
One page contains two type areas and two reading directions
The pre and post sets are pre-produced in offset printing

Hin&Weg — A book of the future.

With Hin&Weg we have created a travel guide that exemplifies how the future of the book can look with the help of current software and the possibilities of various printing and finishing processes. To do this, the generator combines reader information with information from interfaces of online platforms and merges them into a personalized book. The book accompanies the reader for a year on his own personal route through the city and invites him to rediscover his own city.

Printing process

Dust jacket and content in digital print, endpapers preprinted in offset printing and then imprinted in digital printing.




Four different papers


Google Street View, Google Geocoder, Flickr, Wikipedia, OpenWeather Map

A wall planner from Calidario
A three-month calendar from Calidario
A photo calender of Calidario

Calidario — An online calendar generator.

Years of experience in pre-press have made us doubt humanity: handcrafted calendars, year after year, error-prone due to their high complexity. For 8 years now, with the online software Calidario calendars can be generated with individual settings within a few minutes. The generated IDML file can be designed by the designer as desired.


Translation of the names of the day and month into almost all languages of the earth


Own databases for holidays, name days, countries and regions

Places2Be — A travel guide that never becomes outdated

Are you planning a city trip to Stuttgart? Friday to Sunday? Are you interested in culture and culinary art? Wonderful. In your personal travel guide, we recommend brunch, which takes place on Saturday at Café Babel, and beer tasting on Friday evenings at the Mon petit Café. However, what you will not find here is an indication of free entry on a Wednesday in the Staatsgalerie. Instead, take part in one of the Sunday tours at the Hotel Silber and — because the sun is shining — treat yourself afterwards to an ice cream in the Gelateria on Marienplatz. Do you dream of such a guide? Let him become a reality thanks to intelligent interfaces.

The vegan and gluten-free 5-minute wholefood cuisine without Brussels sprouts, but paleo

Do you eat vegan, are allergic to nuts and don't like mushrooms? Congratulations, you are not alone! Just stupid that nuts and mushrooms are part of so many vegan recipes. Cookbooks aren't relevant, blogs are your inspiration. But stop! In fact, you like rummaging through books on the sofa in the evenings, looking for inspiration for the next brunch or dinner with your friends. Personalized cookbooks would be your salvation? Nothing easier than that. Choose different criteria — diet, duration of preparation, likes, dislikes, intolerances and allergies, occasion, etc. — and get your personal cookbook generated. Anyone who doesn't like celery or isn't tolerant to milk has one thing above all else: no problem! We create cookbooks that meet everyone's taste.

Determination books, as small as your balcony or as big as the whole world

You would like to know which bird wakes you up every morning with its twittering, but the bird identification book that your grandfather once gave you includes all around 500 species of birds native to Europe? That's how you can lose the desire for determination. On the other hand, if you had a little book about the birdlife in Baden-Württemberg, sorted according to your own criteria, not the breed — you have no idea how this little birdie breeds. — but by size, you would already be helped. Even on trips you could take it with you and just put it in your jacket pocket. How convenient. You should not miss this.

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Finally, printed products have arrived in the 21st century. Apply the strengths of Digital and World Wide Web to your products.

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