Product Placement

Product Placement

From a database we generate the documents provided with your products. We don't care whether you want a single recipe or one hundred, whether you want postcards for a distribution campaign or rather multi-page flyers for a trade show.

Your databases are meant to be bigger

With ManyPrint Solutions you can finally exploit your potential.

ManyPrint Solutions enables automated generation of up to 100% customized layouts and print data from your databases. What that means? With ManyPrint Solutions, your customers can now decide for themselves what is in their books and what is not. Offer them exactly what they need, depending on the situation. No more and no less.

  • Are you going to a fair to introduce your new products? Many visitors don't have the time to capture all the things presented there in great detail, giveaways are in great demand and your chance to recommend the product to the customer. Please refrain from using ballpoint pens and balloons with printed product names. Generate a selection of recipe cards that have standard products replaced with your product in their ingredient list, or a selection of DIY instructions with components from your assortment. The possibilities are manifold, let's talk about them.

  • You present your new products in the shop — from the drugstore to the home improvement market — on a special footprint? Draw attention to this particular situation by adding value to your potential customers. For each type of tea of the new line, a product information with matching recipe for pastries for tea and a postcard with the invitation for the girlfriend to brochures with applications for your new range of drill bits — with tips on restoring furniture (and a note on the new plate and Angle grinders) and to build your own designer chair (with recessed holes thanks Forstner drill).

Offer your customers added value with product placement

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