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As a man, have you already received advertising catalogs exclusively with women's fashion and thrown away unread? Are you as a woman annoyed about cliché advertising for kitchen appliances in your mailbox, because you prefer to build your own furniture instead of cooking applesauce?

Today, digital media is targeting in a way that was unimaginable a few years ago. Collecting, merging and evaluating information that we disclose through our online behavior as well as through loyalty cards and other bonus systems make it possible to define target groups — or even buyer personas — in great detail and place ads accurately. Targeting becomes microtargeting.

For printed matter, however — especially for mail items that are addressed to individuals — it is the same procedure for decades: every customer receives regardless of his known purchases or interests the same product proposals — just the impressions of a name or address in cover letters or catalogs has already been introduced here and provides a weak form of personalization. Rarely, after all, variants of a catalog are produced that are addressed to a target group defined by a single criterion (eg, age or gender). The inclusion of the purchasing behavior or the interests of the customer is not yet used in print form. That's a pity, because printed products have wonderful properties that can not be adapted online!

ManyPrint Solutions makes all functions from the online trade also possible for the print area

Print advertising in a copy of 1 — advertising that hits the mark.

In marketing, the trend has long since moved away from target groups to buyer personas. With our software, we follow what has long been commonplace online: We personalize your advertising. In its printed form, it ends up exactly in the mailbox with its customer. We don't care if you want to send your customer a postcard or a catalog. We generate products with personalized design, an essence of your possible content and individual approach.

With ManyPrint Solutions you have the opportunity to use the same (micro-) targeting for printed advertising that has long been used online, not just for ads, but for all printed products from a postcard to a catalog. Suggest to your customer at any time the right product in the appropriate form.

  • A customer has informed himself in your shop about a product, but not bought it. With ManyPrint Solutions you can pick him up at the next mailing at exactly this point: You can provide your printed matter with further information, texts and pictures or even a personal voucher code.

  • A customer has bought a product in your shop. With ManyPrint Solutions, you can use the next print mailing to show him which items fit and were purchased by other customers in this context.

  • Based on the present profile of a customer, products can be excluded. Who is deposited in your system as “Mr. John Doe” needs in its printed matter no women-only articles.

  • A customer has bought a product in your shop, so his purchase interest is gone. With ManyPrint Solutions you generate a printed matter for this customer in which this article no longer exists or in which this article is provided with additional information.

When you create personalized print products for your customers, they finally receive relevant advertising. In a nutshell, they can inform themselves and decide instead of having to spend hours reading catalogs — a relief in view of our busy schedules.

You as a salesman save money: Instead of thick catalogs, you only produce brochures with the relevant content for the respective customer.

The advantages are apparent

Printed matters that convince — advertising that convinces

With such a high degree of customization, you can achieve an extremely high level of feedback from your customers. ManyPrint Solutions is based on our 18 years of experience in the printing industry, enabling us to guarantee high quality and attractive printed matter. Various papers, spot colors, embossing, paint and much more can now be used as a matter of course in editions of just one copy. Start with your print products where online ends

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