We give you these white papers.

Whitepaper »Personalized advertising that hits the mark«

Personalized advertising that hits the mark

Have you sent another brochure with thousands of copies and received hardly any feedback? No wonder if the targeting is missing. Easy to do online, but unfortunately not in print, you say? No more problem in the future, we say. (8 pages)

Whitepaper “Print will never be dead”

Print will never be dead

Printing is still mostly understood only as a possibility of duplication. Digital printing has long since opened up the possibility of unique items, as in contrast to offset printing, letterpress or gravure printing, it can produce each individual printed copy completely individually. (6 pages)

Whitepaper »The workflow for generating individualized print documents«

The workflow for generating individualized print documents

In order to perfect personalization in the print area and raise it to a level that was previously thought impossible, we created ManyPrint Solutions. With this software, existing data records, for example from the e-commerce sector, can be used for printed matter. (12 pages)