The ManyPrint Solutions Cloud Application

ManyPrint Solutions is the world’s most open and flexible layout automation. Data can be integrated, processed and then forwarded from anywhere. As a modern cloud application, ManyPrint Solutions is available 24/7 and can be used from anywhere.

Combine data sources

Integrate the entire Internet

Link your existing data sources to ManyPrint Solutions and decide what data you want to use.

ManyPrint Solutions can integrate any interface available worldwide to generate layouts that contain more data than you own or provide.

If data shall be grouped or supplemented, we use machine learning.

Interfaces and integration

Screenshot of the ManyPrint Solutions application

Automatic generation

Fully integrated

Creations can be started at any time at the push of a button — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Cronjobs you have the possibility to execute creations at certain intervals. You can also start creations by API Calls, for example, after receiving new data by placing an order in your e-commerce system.

What can be generated

Screenshot of the ManyPrint Solutions application

Usability of the creations

Fully flexible

Decide for yourself whether you would like to download the generated PDF, HTML or IDML documents after completion of a rendering or hand them over to a third-party Provider. This gives you the option of editing your data or, for example, printing it directly.

Rendering options

The Output Providers of the ManyPrint Solutions Cloud Application

ManyPrint Solutions offers these functions and possibilities


ManyPrint Solutions software can be connected to and integrated with any available data source. Content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, etc., e-commerce systems such as Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, etc., PIM systems such as Pimcore, Akeneo, EPIM are possible. With this we can use existing authoring systems or integrate our own. An individual surface can be created where there are special wishes and purposes of the customer.

Iterative layout

By combining automatically generated layouts with A/B tests and conversion tracking, ManyPrint Solutions can continuously improve layouts. This makes it possible to align layouts step by step to the liking of the recipient. »On the way to the perfect layout.«

Responsive print (layout)

Layouts are created on the basis of configuration files and variables that enable content to be dynamically adapted to your environment. Design elements and their behavior can then be applied regardless of the paper format, for example.

Font combinations / working intelligently with fonts

ManyPrint Solutions is a professional when it comes to combining fonts. Appropriate font styles can be added automatically based on criteria such as the line width, the style, the classification according to DIN 16518, according to Indra Kupferschmid and Hans Peter Wilberg, or according to Wolfgang Beinert. Font licenses are also taken into account, as can font collections from third-party providers, such as Google Fonts.

Color combinations / working intelligently with colors

Our software is able to add colors according to certain criteria. Depending on the desired application, the complementary color can be found automatically, or a color combination with very pale (unsaturated) or very bright (saturated) colors can be produced.

Image recognition

Images can be analyzed and evaluated using machine learning. In this way, colors can be extracted, which are used holistically when creating a layout, or motifs can be recognized. Depending on the type of motif, this can affect a layout; For example, ManyPrint Solutions can detect whether text can be overlaid on an image or not.

Backend / frontend / headless

ManyPrint Solutions is made up of many different components and, thanks to its modular structure, can be combined and expanded as required. Our backend modules, which we consistently write in PHP, can be integrated into content management systems and e-commerce systems and harmonize with the interfaces / UI that exist there. E.g.: WordPress, Typo3, Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, etc. Where there is no interface / UI, we add our own. If the use of a WYSIWYG editor is required, we use our own editor. Our system can be expanded with any number of functions and can address any API available worldwide, both publicly and privately.

Data processing

ManyPrint Solutions works consistently according to the EVA principle and enables publishing as it should be; A strict separation of the input of the information, the processing and the output in the form of a representation. The input (i.e. information sources) can be APIs, databases, PIM systems, a WYSIWYG editor or an MS Word document. A structured entry of the data is required in all cases. If this is not yet the case with your information and data sources, we offer an analysis and optimization. The data can be processed on your or on our systems. In addition to the maintenance effort and reliability, the amount of data to be processed also plays a role. The output is our great strength: ManyPrint Solutions can generate IDML documents that can be processed by Adobe InDesign. This is exactly how an output — we also speak of rendering — can be in PDF, JPG, TIFF or HTML. For print or online / digital, for us these are all generation channels that we handle, whose properties we know, and for which we output the data in an optimal form.

Deployments of layouts and printed matter

For us, printed matter or its layout is nothing more than software. For this reason, we can continuously develop the properties of a layout, make changes flexibly, (re)establish certain states and also integrate patches and bug fixes at any time. Changes made are logged, versioned and made visible. In this way, you can always see how the properties of a print product have changed.


Our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get-Editor allows you to create layouts manually in the browser. A 3D rendering of the layout is available. IDML documents can be loaded, edited and saved.

Editorial system

A special use of ManyPrint Solutions is in the form of our own editorial system, which combines all functionalities into one impressive application. Layout work and editorial work can be carried out in parallel. The system is able to fill pages with content independently, to generate various layout suggestions and to act across pages. Free areas are identified and can be automatically filled with unallocated content.

Console application

A user interface is not always necessary. ManyPrint Solutions can also be used without a UI and can then be addressed via the console (CLI) or, for example, via cron jobs.

Text recognition

We are able to recognize and evaluate words. Words can be matched with pictures, colors and fonts. We also use machine learning for this purpose.

Text to Color

Colors can be derived based on words or the meaning of a sentence. We have our own database for this, but can also create a new data set according to customer requirements after use.

Text to Image

Images can be added based on words or the meaning of a sentence.

Image to Text

Image recognition can be used to identify which motif an image contains. This can be used in the form of an image description or to supplement an image with other content.

Image to Color

Colors can be derived from an image. You can recognize the color scheme and mood, integrate colors into a layout or add other content in a meaningful way.


IDML files (Adobe InDesign Markup Language) can be read out by ManyPrint Solutions and output in HTML and CSS. This can be used for previews but also for editing functions.


IDML documents can be converted to PDF. This is done natively in PHP, no third-party software is required. The conversion can take place on any server and be integrated into any system.

3D preview of layouts and printed matter

We are able to generate three-dimensional previews from printed matter that can be viewed from all sides in the browser. It is possible for the user to move the objects.

Online editing of IDML

IDML documents can be edited in our online editor. The edits can be saved back in IDML or output in another format.

Social to Print

With ManyPrint Solutions, social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Pinterest can be linked to printed matter. Information available there can be processed and unique printed matter can be created from it.

Use ManyPrint Solutions for your printed matter.

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