The ManyPrint Solutions application

24/7 access — always available.

Combine data sources

Fully compatible

Link your existing data sources to ManyPrint Solutions and decide what data you want to use.

If data shall be grouped or supplemented, we use machine learning.

Automatic generation

Fully integrated

Creations can be started at any time at the push of a button — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Cronjobs you have the possibility to execute creations at certain intervals. You can also start creations by API Calls, for example, after receiving new data by placing an order in your e-commerce system.

Usability of the creations

Fully flexible

Decide for yourself whether you want to download the IDML or PDF documents after completing a creation or transfer them to a service provider. So you have the possibility to edit your data or to give it directly to a printing factory.

Use ManyPrint Solutions for your printed matter.

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