The suitable print product for each of your customers with every creation

If the layout logic module is configured accordingly, layout and print data for a wide variety of print media can be generated with a single creation from the same data set.

Below are three different printed materials from the same data set. It includes the customer's first and last name, residence, date of birth and recent purchase together with the clothing sizes. The data set is supplemented with the weather forecast for the place of residence.

1. Brochure

The double page of a personalized brochure

The approach is personal, the continuous text — which can be generated automatically — can be used to make references to the last purchase or other available information about the person, in the case of fashion for example a frequently purchased color, clothing size or certain brands.

Images that can convey further information via an augmented reality app are automatically marked.

With a view to the weather forecast, a new product is suggested here to match previous purchases. The text for this is generated and flows in automatically.

If there are Augmented Reality-capable images in the publication, a note is automatically added.

Personal links, QR codes or coupon codes are generated automatically and are embedded into the publications.

2. Birthday card

The front of a personalized birthday card

At the touch of a button or using a cron job, ManyPrint Solutions can check daily which of your customers have their birthdays in the next few days. Personal cards can then be generated in a draw for all customers who are affected.

The back of a personalized birthday card

Everyone receives a card with their name, a personal discount code and / or link and their own suggestion for a suitable product. Selection criteria for the product may be, for example, the predicted weather in the place of residence (eg a raincoat or a summer dress), upcoming celebrations or occasions (eg a festive dress or carnival costume) or the stock in the known clothing size.

3. Greeting card

The front of a personalized greeting card
The back of a personalized greeting card

From a few words, personal texts come with a purchase recommendation: “Spring” and “Stuttgart” are the buzz words for a text about walking, going out, soak up the sun, get some fresh air. It is connected via an API with a concrete proposal for the respective city (here: Schlossgarten) and a suitable purchase proposal.

Varied in every detail

A creation doesn't necessarily have to result in different formats and layouts. With the appropriate layout logic, the most varied layouts can always be generated in the same format.

Card of a creation in variant 1
Card of a creation in variant 2
Card of a creation in variant 3
Card of a creation in variant 4
Card of a creation in variant 5
Photo of a printing press

Printing and finishing of single copies

Find out here how such individualized printing documents can be processed by printing factories and binderies.

Individual print production

Generate printed products that meet the needs of your customers.

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