Live and in color: ManyPrint Solutions at Konica Minolta’s “Professional Printing Innovation Days”.

By Deborah Köngeter | Posted on 20. 9. 2023 | Updated on 26. 9. 2023

Konica Minolta's “Professional Printing Innovation Days” took place on September 6th and 7th in the presentation center in Langenhagen — and wherever innovations are needed, WirbelWild is not far away with its ManyPrint Solutions software.

The “Innovation Days” program was filled with a colorful mix of interesting ideas, primarily about automation and programmatic printing. We were also part of the lecture program and presented our cloud software ManyPrint Solutions. In our presentation, we presented the added value of automated layout generation and explored the many possibilities of digitization for printed matter. To illustrate the advantages, we created individualized printed materials for all participants during the event in the form of personal business cards and calendars.

Great results with little effort

For the printed products, the participants simply filled out a digital form, the data from which was used to generate the business cards and calendars and automatically transferred them to the printing workflow. There were two variants to choose from for the business cards: a back with a pattern generated from the first name or an automatically created QR code for transferring the contacts to digital devices. For the calendar we provided various photo series to choose from.

The products were also personalized with colors based on the person's first name. In no time at all, we created around 100 business cards and calendars from a manageable amount of information — no two products were alike.

Even the industry experts were amazed at how easy it was to transfer into the print workflow and how we were able to pass the data on to various channels via ManyPrint Solutions — just by ticking a box. At the event, data was passed on to the MIS provider Obility before it was transferred to Impressed's software and ultimately reached the printing presses.

The all-rounder in individual printing

The business cards and simple calendars are just examples of many other customizable products that we can efficiently implement with ManyPrint Solutions by automatically transferring the data into the printing process. Complex calendars, a variable magazine or simply the efficient provision of business equipment are also conceivable. We use a whole range of software modules to offer the right solution for every idea.