By Tobias Köngeter | Posted on 2. 9. 2022 | Updated on 22. 9. 2023

Further interfaces and external services integrated

In the first half of the year, we dealt with the integration of a number of other external services. These are now available for applications with ManyPrint Solutions.


Individualized images can be generated using AlphaPicture. The creation of these images can now be controlled from ManyPrint Solutions. Similar to the Fashion Cloud, which we also integrated, users of ManyPrint Solutions have access to several thousand photographs that do not have to be procured and kept in stock themselves.

Schätzl Print and Media

ManyPrint Solutions is now able to automatically forward print PDFs, regardless of their number and size, to the Schätzl printer in Donauwörth and transfer them to their workflow. The printed matter is produced there according to previously defined criteria in digital printing and can be varnished, lasered or provided with embossing foil in a single print run using digital print finishing.

OWA Pro (Hurra)

For the tracking of individualized QR codes, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and URLs, OWA Pro can now also be connected by Hurra from Stuttgart. It is now possible to evaluate advertising measures across all channels at a central point, regardless of whether it is a website, a radio or TV spot, an e-mail or a printed matter.


As a supplement to our previous map service providers, maps from locr in Braunschweig can now also be automatically generated and integrated into the layouts generated by ManyPrint Solutions. Due to their high resolution, the cards are suitable for high-quality printed matter. The cards can be created with individual colors and can therefore be integrated very well into any corporate design.

An overview of all interfaces and external services can be found here.