Convince with cutting-edge technologies in terms of content, haptics and optics

By Tobias Köngeter | Posted on 27. 4. 2024 | Updated on 27. 4. 2024

Tobias Köngeter shows two of the customized posters

These days we have together with the ABT Mediengruppe, Canon and Metapaper demonstrated how fast, individual and high-quality contemporary can be printed matter. When designing the posters, we didn't miss the opportunity to invent layouts that had never existed in this form before.

There was an individual poster for all participants at the event in Weinheim that showed the initials of the name and included a short text based on them. The colors and background pattern were also individual. We derived the curves of the colored line from the person's birthday and month of birth to show that in ManyPrint Solutions we can make a wide variety of layout decisions with any type of information. This is how absolutely unique pieces were created that inspired people.

The posters were generated live and printed on site in inkjet on a Canon varioPRINT iX3200. Three different papers from Metapaper were used; Rough Air White-Warm White in 240 g/m2 (fresh fiber), Bagasse in 295 g/m2 (upcycling) and Extramatt Recycling in 240 g/m2 (recycling).

The combination of cutting-edge technologies and materials in the areas of layout, printing and paper has created printed products that are impressive in terms of content, haptics and optics.