Demo Automatic generation of grid layouts

This demo shows how grid layouts can be created based on design rules.

How elements can be arranged (designed) in a grid layout depends on a few parameters. As far as the medium is concerned (such as the page of a printed matter could be), these are for example the type area, columns, gutters, margins and bleed. As far as the individual design elements are concerned, these also have properties, for example whether they may protrude into the bleed area or whether they may take up several columns. Based on these properties, layout variants can be generated automatically.

Below you can see the high variance of such layouts with three design elements. You can stop the animation and navigate back and forth yourself.

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Possible application

With the »Grid« module from ManyPrint Solutions, layout variants can be generated efficiently, which are structured strictly according to predefined rules such as a corporate design. With this variety of layouts, a varied design can be achieved fully automatically. They are very suitable for mailings or e-mail newsletters.

These layouts can be filtered through iterative processes so that over time the »optimal« layout can be found that achieves the best reaction from the recipient (conversion rate).

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